This one day, Teacher Wellbeing Workshop focuses on teacher wellbeing as the key to better social and academic results for students. Simple and effective habits to improve your personal and professional wellbeing are demonstrated in a fun, interactive environment. 


In this course you will learn: 

    • How to effortlessly incorporate wellbeing practices into your day   
    • Simple strategies to boost your energy levels 
    • Effective techniques to manage your emotions and change your response to stressors 
    • How to incorporate positive practices into the classroom using no extra time 
    • Easy ways to develop a teacher growth mindset   
    • Time saving ways to boost productivity 

 This course emphasises how to: 

    • Reduce teacher stress   
    • Tap into your passion for teaching 
    • Improve student learning and achievement by improving teacher wellbeing 

 Who is it for: 

The course is designed for any primary or secondary teacher who understands that their wellbeing impacts the wellbeing and learning of their students. It is ideal for executive staff passionate about developing a school culture that focuses on the wellbeing of all. 

 * A light lunch will be provided

Cost: $295.90 (incl GST) per person

Time: 9.00am – 3.30pm

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NOTE: This workshop is usually a main event over 2 days and delivered annually. This one day version is condensed and not widely offered.

For more information about the annual event go here www.teacherwellbeingworkshop.com